| frequently asked questions.

How long have you been shooting?

I was given my first Nikon as a graduation present in May 2009.


Do you take free photos?

Typically the answer to that will be “no”. Photography is something that I take very seriously, especially in terms of the commitment and time that is required in order for me to do a stellar job. Unless prior arrangements have been made, please do not assume that you will be getting any photos from me free of charge.


What are your hourly rates?

I won’t be listing them on my website because they continually fluctuate. I can guarantee you that my rates are more affordable than most of the photographers you will meet. If you would like to discuss a shoot, please click on the “Contact” link and we can chat.


If I only need a few photos taken, will it be cheaper?

No. It is in your best interest to use the entire hour.


If I have my friend edit the photos, will your price be cheaper?

No. I do not give out my raw photos.


How do I secure a time and date to shoot with you?

I will draft a contract. Upon the receipt of that contract, I will require a signature/acknowledgement and a deposit of half of the total fee for that particular shoot.


Is there anything you will not shoot?

As it stands, no. That may change in the future.


How long is your turnaround for finished photos?

If you are paying me for a service, my turnaround typically isn’t any longer than 24-48 hours, barring unforeseen circumstances.


Will you travel to shoot photos?



How will I be receiving my photos?

In an attempt to “go green”, I will not be utilizing physical media to deliver photos. I will send you a link to my website where you can download your high-quality galleries.